Sue Ritchie (Folliott)

Health Leader


Sue is highly experienced in the planning and delivery of healthcare projects from end-to-end. Her 30-year professional career, supported by qualifications in both health and construction, spans operational hospital roles through to health management, health planning, procurement, construction delivery, operational commissioning, and post-occupancy evaluation.

Sue has over ten years’ experience in project management of Capital Infrastructure projects within both the public and private health sector, from service planning through to delivery, and operational commissioning. She is experienced in all stages of planning, including feasibility studies, site selection, government planning and approvals, health service and facility planning, and gateway processes in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Sue joined Ranbury in 2020 to lead our dedicated Health Services Team. This team comprises individuals experienced in working in both operational hospital and health services environments and greenfield sites who understand the importance of patient outcomes through effective mitigation of the unique construction and health service disruption risks, and coordination and collaboration with stakeholder groups.

Sue holds qualifications in both Construction Management and Nursing, including a Masters in Construction Management and a Masters of Emergency Nursing.

Contact Sue Ritchie (Folliott)

T: 07 3211 2300    M: 0456 963 944

Contact Sue Ritchie (Folliott)