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Fire Station 101 – Ipswich Innovation Hub


Fire Station 101 – Ipswich Innovation Hub


Ranbury’s role as Project Manager and Superintendent’s Representative involved planning, feasibility, design and construction of refurbishment of the former Ipswich Fire Station.

Fire Station 101 was officially opened on 8 March 2016 in a ceremony hosted by Ipswich City Council, where over 100 invited guests gathered in the space where the trucks would have once been parked. A fire fighting truck was on hand to give a ceremonial farewell to the old building, and the historical bell was rung by Council representatives to celebrate the opening.


Fire Station 101 is an innovation hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups located in the Ipswich CBD on Limestone Street. The project involved the adaptive reuse of the decommissioned fire station as office space and as a community based incubator for innovation.

This innovation hub boasts the following attributes:

  • A central, highly visible location that is close to public transport, cafes and food outlets.
  • 516sqm of floor space.
  • 55 desk facility.
  • High speed internet connectivity over fibre.
  • High capacity WiFi.
  • Event and training space for up to 100 people.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) demonstrator: The Internet of Things is a
    network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity which enables them to collect and exchange data.

Mentoring programs contributing to professional development and innovation

Providing a hub for community support and networking

Exceptional IT facilities and support