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Brisbane Airport Assets Management


Brisbane Airport Assets Management


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is the operator of Queensland’s largest airport, Brisbane Airport.

Over the past five years, Ranbury has provided project management to BAC for capital works programs including the design and construction of data centres, substation upgrades and the expansion and construction of staff and visitor car parks.

For each project, our Project Managers have worked closely with BAC to support the ongoing development and maintenance of its airside and landside operations.

The services we provided included project scoping, design management, preparation of management plans, programming, estimates, procurement/contract management, design/construction monitoring and progress and financial reporting.

Ranbury has provided experienced personnel that have greatly assisted BAC to deliver some of our key projects in our portfolio of infrastructure works.

Zain Booker
Programme Manager, Landside Infrastructure, Assets, Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd

To assist BAC deliver its capital works programs, our Project Managers were embedded within BAC’s Assets Group integrated project management teams.  Ranbury provided training and management support to its Project Managers integrated with BAC’s staff development objectives.

A key responsibility of our Project Managers was to collaborate and communicate with other divisions of BAC (such as Strategic Planning and Development) to ensure future planning and operations (at a strategic level) aligns with the programming of capital works.

As a result, we helped BAC minimise site and construction conflicts, and through the successful delivery of project outcomes we assisted the Assets Group generate ongoing revenue for the business.

More specifically, we helped BAC overcome issues such as:

  • Ensuring existing car parking for staff and visitors were maintained during construction activities
  • Shortening timeframes to deliver car parking in a rapidly growing market
  • Overcoming ongoing challenges around construction activities in an operational environment
  • Resolving geotechnical issues specific to the BAC precinct, such as those relating to groundwater, contamination and overland flow

Ranbury’s Project Managers, working as part of the Assets Group team, assisted in generating ongoing revenue for BAC through the delivery of successful project outcomes.

In addition to various substation and mains services upgrade projects, we have completed numerous building, civil engineering and utilities projects.

These projects include the building of Disability Discrimination Act upgrade program across Domestic and International terminal facilities, building arrival facilities on the Domestic Apron for private aircraft, civil engineering for Airport Village Stage 4, delivery of the new AIRPARK, and an upgrade of substation for QANTAS Hangar #2.

Parking for more than 2,500 cars, and counting…

Alignment with BAC’s culture and professional development objectives

More than 20 building, civil engineering, and utilities projects delivered since 2011