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Aurizon Wayside Supersites


Aurizon Wayside Supersites


“Supersites” are locations on the main lines of the network where asset protection and various monitoring systems are installed to continuously capture the working condition of the entire operating fleet accurately and without impacting rail network availability.

To reduce costs and manage its rail technology, Aurizon needed various asset management supersites to be placed at locations throughout the Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN). Acting as Project Manager, we successfully implemented such a system for the Aurizon Group, across the CQCN.

The development of Wayside Supersites is a key project in our strategy to provide exceptional control systems capability. Ranbury’s role as project manager has been pivotal in ensuring the successful implementation of the Supersites and their integration with Aurizon’s control systems.

Jason Livingston
General Manager Network Assets, Aurizon Network

We worked closely with Aurizon’s design and construction teams to identify where the monitoring systems could be installed to reduce whole-of-life costs of managing technology. We then project managed the installation of the systems at each supersite, some of which are the first of their type in Aurizon’s network, or in Australia.

They were:

  • Rollingstock Examiner – takes real time imagery of rollingstock brakes, wheels, couplers and wagons and automatically provides defect data. This data is used by Aurizon for predictive maintenance
  • Wheel Impact Load Detector – provides real time detection of flat wheels
  • Main Line Weighbridge – provides near real time data of the weight of each locomotive and wagon. This allows the Aurizon Network to determine if mine and rollingstock operators are complying with network standards that define allowable weights on the rail network
  • Main Line Pantograph Detection – takes images of the locomotive pantograph and provides near real time data of the pantograph wear. This enables the network operator to reduce the risk of a pantograph causing a de-wirement
  • Acoustic Bearing Detection – provides data on the wheel bearings and provides real time alarms if there are defects. This reduces the likelihood of bearing failure which can lead to derailments

Our work on the supersite project provided a number of solutions for Aurizon, including more accurate and efficient data collection and weight recording, less maintenance and improvements in operational efficiency.

During the project, our team overcame a number of challenges to ensure all portions of the project were successfully completed and in use.

We worked with Aurizon to select the most appropriate sites on the rail network for the asset monitoring systems by analysing existing locomotive operating data.

Our work on this project provided a number of solutions for Aurizon, including more accurate and efficient data collection and weight recording, less maintenance and improvements in operational efficiency.

We also ensured the data from the systems was able to be interpreted and used by Aurizon by integrating it with the train control systems and developing new business processes for action around the monitoring systems’ findings.

Our team implemented strategies to make sure the new systems would not impact the operation or maintenance of the track assets and that they would function with the site’s existing rollingstock. This included type approval processes, performance requirements noted in the contract, factory acceptance testing and continual management and review of the technology suppliers.

The successful delivery of this project has resulted in a second project to install more systems within the next 3 years.

System integration with existing rollingstock

More accurate and efficient data collection and weight recording

Less maintenance and improvements in network operational efficiency