Paid Parental Leave


Ranbury announces paid parental leave for eligible employees. 

Ranbury has been providing project delivery and advisory services for over 25 years. During this time, the company has come a long way, and the needs of employees and the business have evolved, and the way we work must reflect these changes. That is why Ranbury is introducing paid parental leave for eligible employees.

In announcing the introduction of the policy, Ranbury Managing Director, Brett Magnussen acknowledged the impact the company’s strong talent pool has had on the firm’s success.

“Ranbury is well-known for our strong track record in providing project delivery and advisory services to clients in building and property, transport, and resources and utilities, but it is our talented people and the culture that we have created that allows us to attract and retain great staff and clients. Not only does parental leave lead to higher productivity, greater employee morale, it also directly contributes to the attraction and retention of great staff,” he said.

Ranbury’s Head of People and Culture, Alison Sherry, also acknowledged how the introduction of parental leave reflects the company’s values.

“Ranbury has always been a family-friendly, inclusive employer of choice, and we recognise the importance of supporting employees when they welcome a child into the family. The introduction of paid parental leave not only provides considerable personal advantages for parents and children, but it is also a powerful signal that Ranbury is genuinely committed to our employees and living our values,” she said.